Carolina Castile Soap Supports Clean Conscience UK

Carolina Castile Soap has made a donation of more than 400 pounds of soap to UK charity Clean Conscience.

Founded in 2013, Clean Conscience works with a group of charities to distribute unused soap, shampoo, body wash, and other hygiene products to fight poverty and homelessness. Helping those who need hygiene assistance the most, Clean Conscience gathers toiletries from the hospitality sector and other businesses, like Carolina Castile Soap, and distributes them to the following charities:

• The Brett Foundation—working with individuals and families who struggle with poverty, whether working or on government benefits. 

• YMCA Phoenix House—serving teenagers who have come out of the foster care system

• SADAKA—helping women in need

• High Wycombe Helping Others:  giving aid to Syrian refugees across Europe

• Kori Women’s Development Project: assisting women in Sierra Leone

For the donation, Carolina Castile Soap is shipping 220 six-packs of its unscented castile bar soap.

“Being a good global corporate citizen can mean a lot of things to a lot of businesses,” said Carolina Castile Soap founder Joe McCutcheon. “For us, it means seizing opportunities to make an impact on those who need it most. As we were looking for a charity partner for Europe, Clean Conscience really hit home for us, with their focus on innovative recycling programs that would benefit families, women, and children. It’s great when you can align with another organization because their values match your own, and we never had any doubt that this would have the maximum impact.

For more information on Clean Conscience and its programs to benefit those in poverty and experiencing homelessness, both in the UK and abroad, visit

Update: After posting this, we were notified by Clean Conscience that they would be sending our donated soap to Sierra Leone to benefit the Kori Development Project , a non profit that supports the women and children in the Kori District of Sierra Leone.