Coming Soon: More Bar Soap!

We are grateful to all of Carolina Castile Soap’s customers, whether you purchase directly from us on our website or through our Amazon store. We have some upcoming changes to our bar soap lineup that we’re excited to share.

Some of you may have noticed that our lineup of all-natural, organic ingredient bar soaps are running low in inventory. There’s a story behind that, and while it’s been a bit rough on our end for the last several months, the story will have a fairytale ending somewhere near the end of January, 2023

Fresh New Scents

About a year ago, our manufacturer let us know that due to a host of issues mainly related to the global supply chain crisis, we would need to find someone else to make our much-loved Carolina Castile bar soaps. After months and months of trying to find the right manufacturer for our triple-milled soap, we’ve found a real winner.

So while we are running out of inventory in a matter of days, more Carolina Castile Soap in bar form is on the way! As they say, we’re coming back, bigger than ever, with two new scents–in peppermint and lavender–to go along with the unscented variety you already know and love. Peppermint and lavender have always been popular within our liquid lineup, and we know you’ll love the bar options, too.

New Partners, New Look

You’ll also notice some slick new packaging, as we’re taking the opportunity to change our product presentation, too. Same high quality, great new look.

Thanks to all of our loyal customers who have joined the Carolina Castile Soap family and enjoyed our all-natural liquid and bar soaps for years. We are a small, family-owned business in Raleigh, North Carolina. When we started the business several years back, I was making soap in my garage! Thanks to your generosity and loyalty, we grew out of the garage operation a long time ago. We have to be careful about those we choose to partner with in making our soap, and we know you’ll like the results of this season of change.

Back Soon, Bigger than Ever

As a measure of saying thank you to those of you who have been so loyal and are burdened by our inventory pause these next couple of months, we’ll be sending out coupons for you to enjoy our soap once again, at a lower price, when it’s available again. Just sign up for our waiting list, and we’ll send you one.

The best news of all: as we ramp back up, we’ll have more available soap in our inventory than ever before. We’re not just making up for lost time–we’re looking to grow! Thanks to all of you who’ve gotten us to this point. We’ll never forget it.

GREAT NEWS: Our bar soap is back. Lavender, Peppermint, Unscented