What Is Castile Soap?

Learn about the versatility of this soap made from organic oils

The history of Castile Soap originates from the Castile Region of Spain. Castile Soap started off to mean strictly a soap made from Olive Oil. Castile Soap has evolved to refer to any soap made from the saponification of vegetable oils. You will notice that although all of our Castile Soaps contain olive oil, they also all contain coconut and any combination of other vegetable oils. Coconut oil gives soap a nice bubbly lather and is great for cleaning. We add in other oils for conditioning purpose and to give our soap body. We especially love to use cocoa butter in our soap. All of our soaps contain either mostly or all organic oils.

Castile Soap Uses

What is Castile Soap used for?

Castile Soap has many, many uses. Here are a few of our favorites:

Castile Dish Soap: Use it in it’s concentrated form for scrubbing pots and pans in your sink. Get rid of those un-naturally colored green and blue liquid soaps and go all natural. Not only does Castile Soap do a good job of cleaning, it smells terrific and you can have peace of mind knowing that the smell is from natural essential oils, not synthetic fragrances (except for our Tobacco Vanilla Soap). We recommend keeping some of our Castile Soap in a foam soap dispenser near your sink for cleaning up after cooking and/or eating.

Castile House Cleaner: Get a 32 oz spray bottle. Put one cup of our Castile Soap in it and then fill the rest with water. Use to clean counters, sinks, toilets and bathtubs. Some green house cleaning companies use it as a dusting spray. For a Castile Soap dusting spray, use your spray bottle to dampen a hand towel. Then, simply wipe down surfaces that need dusting such as baseboards, ceiling fans and blinds. For lighter jobs, try using less soap and more water in the bottle. For really tough jobs, add more soap and less water. Orange is our favorite scent to use for cleaning.

Castile Laundry Soap: Use about 1/4 cup of your favorite Carolina Castile Soap.

Castile Shampoo: This is our favorite use for Liquid Castile Soap. Castile Soap foams up so nicely and the smells make for a vivid shower experience. Try our Peppermint Castile Soap for a morning wake up shower, our Lavender Castile Soap for a night time relaxing shower or our Orange Castile Soap for an anytime shower. Use concentrated or dilute to your preference.

Castile Soap Body Wash: This is another one of our favorite uses for Liquid Castile Soap. Squirt some Castile Soap on a washcloth or body wash sponge and enjoy a shower that engages the senses. Try our Orange Castile Soap as a body wash.

Castile Hand Soap: Put your favorite Carolina Castile Soap in a foaming soap dispenser and place at each of the sinks in your home. Dilute up to 3 to 1, water to soap or use concentrated (this makes for an exceptionally creamy lather). Your guests will love the smell and feel.

Castile Soap Shaving Cream: Squirt some of Castile Soap (we prefer Peppermint) on a shave brush and apply to the areas that you are shaving. Keep in mind, our Peppermint Castile Soap will give some areas a cooling/tingling sensation. Try using our Lavender or Orange Castile Soap as an alternative if you prefer.