G’day, Oz: Carolina Castile Soap Available in Australia

Thanks to the joys of the internet, Carolina Castile Soap is expanding to another international market, heading Down Under via Amazon Australia. The company is taking its full lineup of liquid Castile soaps available in multiple scents, as well as its unscented bar soap, to the Australian market for the first time.

Orders of Carolina Castile Soap will begin shipping from the Australian Amazon Fulfillment Center in January 2019.

“While Australia is a smaller market than the United States, we believe there’s a higher number, per capita, of eco-conscious folks down there,” said Carolina Castile Soap founder Joe McCutcheon. “They will not only enjoy the all-natural scents and effectiveness of our liquid varieties, but also our commitments to environmental and social impact of these products and our company.

The expansion into the Australian market comes on the heels of Carolina Castile Soap’s late 2017 expansion into Europe via Amazon. The company is already reporting respectable EU sales in just its first year in the market, which McCutcheon attributes to the quality of the product. “While no cleaning product is a solution for every household, we think Carolina Castile Soap is an essential, can’t-miss purchase for consumers who are environmentally conscious or want to enjoy a versatile, high-performance product of uncompromising quality.”

“We believe that most of our customers are at the intersection of these purchasing values, and we aim to live up to those expectations,” he concluded. “The consistency of quality is difficult to match in the marketplace, and our soap performs so well in a variety of contexts, from the kitchen to the laundry room and bathroom. The same soap that cleans that impossible skillet and goes in the wash with dirty clothes is the same one you can then use to calm your baby in the bath—and there’s an amazing set of use cases in-between.”

To view Carolina Castile Soap products available for purchase in Australia, visit www.amazon.com.au.