About Carolina Castile Soap

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina to make your home cleaner.

Carolina Castile Soap was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, the brainchild of residential house cleaning entrepreneur Joe McCutcheon. While running a large cleaning business based on green cleaning products and practices, Joe was committed to finding and using the “greenest” products possible.

As he studied more and more cleaning products on the market, Joe discovered that many of them weren’t worthy of his company’s green standards for purity and all-natural ingredients. Others, he found, may meet those standards but come with an unnecessarily high price tag. Never one to back away from a problem, Joe decided to address these obstacles by making his own soaps from a tried-and-true traditional method.

He chose Castile soap, originally from Spain, as the perfect blueprint for a family of soaps worthy of the highest standards in green cleaning. Ingredients are all-natural, and Castile soaps are the most versatile soaps around, excelling in the toughest cleaning situations (from bathrooms to pots and pans) to the most delicate ones (washing your hair).

Gentle Castile Soap

The family of Castile soaps from Carolina Castile Soap features scents ranging from citrus (orange, lemon) and floral (lavender) to herbal (Sage-Lime) and unscented. Castile soaps achieve the highest levels of cleanliness and leave a refreshing natural scent for you to enjoy, whether you’re mopping with lemon or washing your hair with our peppermint variety.

Sometimes going back to basics is the right thing to do, and that’s what we’ve done with Carolina Castile Soap. Pure, fresh, and clean – the natural way.

The Carolina Castile Soap Pledge

We believe that all-natural, Castile soap gives you not only the cleanest home, but offers your family multiple health and wellness benefits. When you buy Carolina Castile Soap, you should feel good about your decision, for your family and for your home.

Here’s why:

  • We do not use synthetic foaming agents
  • We do not use synthetic colors or dyes
  • We do not use sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate
  • We do not use any animal products in our soap
  • You will not be making one of the top 10 biggest corporations richer by buying our soap
  • Our soap is biodegradable (except the Tobacco Vanilla soap)
  • We make our soap with love, care and mindfulness of the environment
  • Our soap is essentially just saponified vegetable oils
  • Our soaps smell great, naturally
  • Our soaps are Oregon Tilth Certified Organic