Organic Castile Soaps – Carolina Castile Soaps Achieve Organic Certification from Oregon Tilth

Today we’re going to be discussing Organic Castile Soaps and their certification process.

Carolina Castile Soap, maker of multiple all-natural, gently-scented Organic Castile soaps, has recently achieved certification as organic for all of it’s Castile Soaps by leading certifying agency Oregon Tilth of Corvallis, Oregon.

Both liquid and bar varieties of Carolina Castile Soap have achieved the Certified Organic label from Oregon Tilth, after a rigorous certification process. Over the last 40 years, Oregon Tilth has been at the forefront of the sustainable production of food, including organic agriculture. The organization helped the US Department of Agriculture form its USDA Natural Organic program. Oregon Tilth has expanded the reach of its education and certification programs to include textiles and other products.

Why is organic certification important for products like the family of Castile soaps from Carolina Castile Soap? According to Oregon Tilth, creating organic systems of producing food and other natural products has several long-term effects for the environment and the public. Organic systems improve soils, preserve natural resources, and minimize public health risks. The Oregon Tilth seal of approval ensures that companies like Carolina Castile Soap are adhering to the highest standards in the industry for the production of all-natural goods.

“In a time when lots of companies present themselves as green, organic, or all-natural, it’s important to have certifiers like Oregon Tilth ensuring the integrity of product claims for authenticity,” said Joe McCutcheon, founder of Carolina Castile Soap. “When we were looking at certification providers, we thought that Oregon Tilth had our same high standards and commitment to best practices in sustainable agriculture.”

McCutcheon further explained the critical role that certifiers like Oregon Tilth play in consumer education. “It’s important that customers know the differences among products like Carolina Castile, which adhere to stringent requirements for organic production, versus what we like to think of as ‘organic lite’ or ‘barely organic,’ products,” he said.  “in the mainstream, many products take the lowest common denominator approach, with no certification process or one that’s much less comprehensive. The result is the market is flooded with products with no real truth in labeling. We are thankful for organizations like Oregon Tilth that help us set our products apart from the herd,, in the right way.”

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