Six Things We’re Thankful for at Carolina Castile Soap

Spring is in full swing, and we’ve got a lot to be thankful for at Carolina Castile Soap. Check out this quick list that acknowledges the factors that have brought our Castile Soap company success in a very short time!

  1. A Growing Castile Soap Customer Base – In our second year of doing business directly with consumers, we’re thrilled to see an ever-increasing customer bases that’s thrilled with the quality and versatility of our products. We’ve chose to sell our products in three places—AmazonEBay, and on—and our customers have given us great reviews and feedback on our range of Castile soaps for home use.
  2. Quality Suppliers – We couldn’t build high-performing Castile soaps without high-quality ingredients from dependable suppliers. We are very thankful for one in particular, Jewards International. Jewards takes care of us with great customer service, competitive prices, and fast shipping for a wonderful variety of certified organic oils and essential oils that serve as the foundation of our line of Castile soaps.
  3. Support – You can never do anything alone. It takes a lot of people to build a successful business, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the help, encouragement, faith, and enthusiasm for our company and its products from our family, friends, and our community, both here in the Triangle of North Carolina and our virtual family around the world.
  4. Freedom – You can’t beat living in a great country, where we have the freedom to pursue our dreams in a place where anybody can start a business and build it from the ground up. There’s nothing more fun to do professionally, and we couldn’t think of a better place to do it than here in the USA.
  5. Options – Carolina Castile Soap as a company and line of products is the result of more and more people committing to a healthier lifestyle that’s good for families and good for the planet. It’s a huge honor to be able to produce safe, environmentally-friendly soaps and cleaners that serve a growing market that’s rejecting harsh, chemical-laden products that clean our homes at a heavy price to our health and Earth’s wellness.
  6. Spain – And last, but certainly not least, let’s give a big Gracias to the Spanish people, particularly those of the Castile region, for giving birth to Castile soap. Spanish farmers also deserve thanks for the amazing olive oil that we use in our products. Olive oil is the most-used oil in our product line. While many purists will claim that a true Castile soap must be 100% olive oil, we’d like to keep it more interesting and versatile to our customers by adding coconut and other oils that give our soaps more cleansing properties, different textures, and incredible natural scents.