16.9 FL OZ Liquid Castile Soap: All-Purpose (Face, Hair, Household)

16.9 FL OZ Liquid Castile Soap: All-Purpose (Face, Hair, Household)

There's something special about the perfect soap!

ingredients: Water, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Extract, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Tea Saponin, Organic Camellia Seed Powder, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and 100% LOVE! 

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At CastileSoap.com, we are proud to be an organic and eco-friendly solution containing ZERO animal components or harsh ingredients. Our organic soaps are gentle on you and our environment as they are free of artificial foaming agents, harsh cleansers, and deconstructed fatty acids. Our Castile Soap is also naturally biodegradable and perfect for personal use, children and pets.

By (New York, United States) on28 Apr. 2016 (16.9 FL OZ Liquid Castile Soap: All-Purpose (Face, Hair, Household)) :

You must try it

I have been buying liquid castile soap for my family for the past year and was very excited to see it on sale. I literally use this soap for everything! I wash my clothes with it, my face, my cat and even my car! I truly love the way this soap cleanses without harsh chemicals, does not destroy my hands and will not cause my family to have any kind of allergic reaction.

Take advantage of the sale and buy!

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By (Fort dodge, United States) on13 Apr. 2016 (16.9 FL OZ Liquid Castile Soap: All-Purpose (Face, Hair, Household)) :

Castile liquid soap review

This product is very good; my family and I have used it for several weeks. Even though it's an allpurpose natural soap, we pretty much just use it for routine face washes as some of our younger daughters are starting to develop some acne. The liquid soap is super oily and provides good nutrients (omega 3 and omega 6 from the hemp oil) which helps with skin development and acne prevention. I also use it myself for the vitamin E. Overall, we feel that it is helping.

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By (Lakeland, United States) on11 Apr. 2016 (16.9 FL OZ Liquid Castile Soap: All-Purpose (Face, Hair, Household)) :

castile soap for face

This is a great castile soap for the face. The liquid itself is very oily and does not lather very much, which is both a pro and con. Of course, some people may not like this but I love it. Lack of lather is OK for an organic product as there should be no artificial foaming agents.

The fact that it feels like pure oil is a testament to the olive oil. In addition, the castilesoap.com liquid soap is un-scented which is nice for a product that does not have any additional ingredients.

I have used this product on my face mostly to remove oil and keep my face balanced (I have oily skin). This product has worked very well. When I first used it, I did not know it was going to work due to lack of lather. However, a few hours after use, my face feels smooth and balanced.

This is a great organic and un-scented castile soap for the face. It works very well for my intended use.

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