Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Lavender: Face & Body

Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Lavender: Face & Body

Lavender Castile Soap is an organic, non-toxic, biodegradable product that is completely safe for personal use, children and pets.

ingredients: Organic Lavender Extracts, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Glycerine, Deionized Water, Sodium Hydrate, and 100% LOVE! 

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Lavender has been sought for its anti-inflammatory properties, antiseptic and relaxing effects. A good wash is essential to have healthy skin turn-over and reveal youthful and bright skin. Organic lavender’s anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties allow for the skin to be irritant free. With frequent use – pores become clear of dirt and help the appearance of blemishes and aged skin. Our soaps use Lavender as an essential oil: a pure form of this extract to deliver its full potent capacity which can be safely applied to sensitive skin, the face and body.

lavender's natural power & uses

  • Effective use of Lavender Castile Soap will naturally cleanse skin and promote rejuvenation and renewal of dead skin cells  – helping avoid skin aging, wrinkles, and blemishes.
  • A subtle and sweet camphor-like scent helps calms the nervous system, promoting a relaxing feeling tuned to your environment.
  • Bathing or washing with the soap will promote a calming effect, making it a perfect choice prior to bedtime or as needed.
  • Headaches may be relieved by alternating lukewarm with cold wash around the area where the pain originates due to Lavender’s anti-inflammatory properties.
Lavender | Castile Soap

think green

Keep in mind our shared planet by conserving water. Bathing, shampooing, washing hands and face with Castile Soap will not harm our environment. This hand-crafted lavender bar is a vegan product containing zero animal components and does not use harsh ingredient or chemicals. Our organic lavender bar is biodegradable, safe for personal use, children and pets!

how to use

Use this hand-crafted lavender castile soap to wash your face and body, and shampoo hair. The following instructions are ideal for an exfoliating facial wash:

  1. Pull hair back; this will prevent fly away hairs and extra bacteria entering the facial area.
  2. Wash hands vigorously for at least 15 seconds with warm water lathered in soap to remove possible bacteria. Be sure to wash beneath fingernails.
  3. Splash warm water over facial area to open up closed pores. This will ensure a deep and effective wash. If possible, hot steam will also open up the pores.
  4. With clean hands, gently grab the Castile Soap Bar, create lather by wetting the bar under the faucet with warm water and rubbing it in-between the hands. Spread the lather around the face in a clockwise direction using circular motions.
  5. Leave soap on the face for up to a minute allowing impurities to be taken out and moisture put back in. This will not over dry the skin of the facial area. Additionally, the exfoliating top of the bar (which contains natural organic extracts) may be rubbed on the skin for deeper results.
  6. Using a wash cloth or the hands, rinse off soap with warm water; be careful to wash around the hairline and nose, an area where dirt is common.
  7. Splash cold water across the face. This allows the pores to close; resulting in radiant, smooth and moisturized skin.

results & benefits

The look, texture and feel of skin cared with Castile Soap, will show astounding results with regular and continuous use. From tired, gloomy and dry skin to velvet smooth skin that feels new and fresh. Tired lines will disappear revealing a youthful and aluminous glow that comes from within the skin. 

  • Bright and youthful skin.
  • Healthy skin turnover
  • Calm and ease when you most need it 
By on26 May 2016 (Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Lavender: Face & Body) :


The lavender bar is great with exfoliating extracts on top. It feels really good to use.

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By on02 May 2016 (Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Lavender: Face & Body) :

Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Lavender: Face & Body

We initially ordered this soap for showers. The soap arrived shortly after being ordered. It was well packaged.

After unpackaging the soap, we were shocked to see that it was smaller than expected, especially for the price.

Consequently, we then started using the soap only for the face. The soap is very good, we just wish it was a bit larger.

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By (Tampa, United States) on25 Jan. 2016 (Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Lavender: Face & Body) :

El lavender

Come Este producto hace 4 dias y llego a tiempo. Es un poco caro pero muy bueno. Por eso le doy 3 estrellitas.


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By on31 Dec. 2015 (Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Lavender: Face & Body) :

Lavender if my favorite. Love the soaps but maybe it's expensive for others.

Lavender is my favorite scent when it comes to both soaps and candles. Honestly, the castile soaps are a bit expensive (mostly because of the name and somewhat extravagant packaging). However, it's worth noting that the castile soaps (as we can tell from the ingredients) are natural and organic. I agree with the term "health for you and the world" when it comes to these soaps.

A lot of people do not understand the difference that a natural soap can do. It give you a pure clean sensation without additional, unwanted ingredients robbing off into your skin. If you take a soap from the store, and one of these, and compare the cleaning experience in alternating days, I guarantee that the castile soap will become your favorite. If you can accord it, buy it.

I have subscribed to the deluxe box (before it was even offered here) as I know the company locally in Tampa, FL. I love receiving the little soaps each month and would definitely recommend them to a friend.

I hope you find this review helpful!

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By on26 Dec. 2015 (Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Lavender: Face & Body) :

Perfect for before bed

As an average american, i experience a lot of stress and a good nights sleep is a luxury. This soap, lavender, helps me relax and sooth my stressed muscles.

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