Soap Subscription Box – DELUXE THREE (3) FULL SIZE Items Delivered Monthly

Soap Subscription Box – DELUXE THREE (3) FULL SIZE Items Delivered Monthly


Pamper yourself with a hassle-free organic Castile Soap regimen. Automatically receive special skin health and beauty tips, alternative Eco-friendly packaging, and complementary Castile Soap's natural Beech Dishes! Each box is different from the one you previously received.


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Pamper yourself with an exclusive and healthy Castile Soap regimen! The DELUXE Subscription Box provides you with 3 full-sized Castile Soap items each Month. In addition, special months include natural skin care tips, alternative soap packaging, complementary Castile Soap's natural Beech Dishes, and much more! (Shipping is free to the US, and only ~$6.95 to Canada).


think green is an organic and natural solution. It is a vegan product, containing ZERO animal components or harsh ingredients which result in damage instead of healing. The soap is gentle on you and the environment, as it is free of artificial foaming agents, harsh cleansers, and deconstructed fatty acids (oleochemicals). Castile Soap is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for personal use, children and pets. Bathing, shampooing, washing hands or face with Castile Soap will not harm our environment.

how to use

Use Castile Soap to wash the facial area, shampoo hair, and wash the body.

  1. Pull hair back, this will prevent fly away hairs and extra bacteria entering the facial area.
  2. Wash hands vigorously for at least 15 seconds with warm water lathered in soap to remove possible bacteria; be sure to wash beneath fingernails.
  3. Splash warm water over facial area to open up closed pores, this will ensure a deep and effective wash. If possible, hot steam will also open up the pores.
  4. With clean hands, gently grab the Castile Soap, create lather by wetting the bar under the faucet with warm water and rubbing it in-between the hands. Spread the lather around the face in a clockwise direction using circular motions.
  5. Leave soap on the face for up to a minute allowing impurities to be taken out and moisture put back in. This will not over dry the skin of the facial area.
  6. Using a wash cloth or the hands, rinse off soap with warm water; be careful to wash around the hairline and nose, an area where dirt is common.
  7. Splash cold water across the face, this allows the pores to close, resulting in radiant, smooth and moisturized skin.

results & benefits

The look, texture and feel of astounding results with regular and continuous use. From chapped, cracked and dry skin to velvet smooth skin that feels new and fresh. Hyperpigmentation, scars and stretched skin will disappear, revealing youthful and firm skin.

Healthy skin turnover occurs and leads to hydrated and firm skin. Psoriasis, acne and eczema become skin problems of the past as the dry and flaky skin texture disappears - making room for soft smooth skin.







Q: How does the Subscription Box service work?

A: Who doesn’t want a new eco-friendly Castile Soap delivered monthly - with no hassle or replenishment cost? Our Subscription Boxes may be managed by logging to your account and can be canceled at any time.

We offer deep discounts allowing you to get more! Subscribe to this service for your convenience; your card will be charged monthly and you will receive hand-selected Castile Soap items automatically. This hassle-free, transparent service, requires no contract and no cancellation fees.

Q: If I am currently subscribed to another Castile Soap Subscription Box, can I still sign up for this one?

A: Absolutely! You may subscribe to as many Castile Soap Subscription Boxes as you wish. Simply, login to your account, and select “My Subscriptions” on the bottom left-hand side, to manage all of your subscription boxes.

Q: I know this may be a silly question, but what if I don’t like my Subscription Box? How do I cancel?

A: Castile Soap Subscription Box members can cancel their subscription at any time with the click of a button. Simply login to your account, select “My Subscriptions”, then click on “Cancel Subscription” next to the applicable subscription.

A: If you are unable to access your account (or never created one), simply Contact Us and we will cancel the subscription for you within 24-48 business hours.

Q: Good news: I’m going on vacation! However, I need to pause the subscription service!

A: Castile Soap Subscription Box members can pause their subscription(s) at any time. Simply let us know, and we will be more than happy to help. 

Q: Will I be re-billed?

A: Castile Soap offers a recurring subscription system. Monthly subscribers are re-billed (using the same payment method as before) every month on the same day. You can visit your account panel to view billing history and details.

By (Dallas, United States) on20 May 2016 (Soap Subscription Box – DELUXE THREE (3) FULL SIZE Items Delivered Monthly) :

Complete review of Deluxe box, bars and liquid

I have subscribed to a few boxes in the past, but this is my first soap subscription box. The actual box is not anything outstanding but it is very well packaged and the castile soaps inside are very well crafted and packed. This deluxe box came with 2 bars and two liquid soaps. It was shipped priority.

The bars that I received were the green tea and lavender, which were packaged in their own cute boxes. After removing each bar from the package, you then get to remove the shrink-wrap. Then you will notice that each bar looks and smells different. The lavender smells really nice and soothing, while the green tea smells refreshing and vibrant. The bars also have exfoliating extracts on top, which is superb. These extracts are organic, little pieces of the plants, lavender or green tea. I have used the bars on my hands, face, and for one shower. They feel really smooth and fresh. They do not over-dry my skin. My husband loves the bars.

The deluxe box also came with 2 small liquid soaps, the 5 OZs. I have one in my husband’s restroom and one in my own. I use mines in the mornings, right when I get off bed, to wash my face. The liquid soap is exceptionally smooth (more so than the bars), and does not have much of a scent to them. It does feel like it has medicinal value, and judging from the ingredients, it probably does. As most of us know, the olive oil is very good for your skin. With this liquid soap you also get hemp oil, which has omega for skin cell regeneration. When you first apply the soap, it feels really smooth. After you wash off the lather, it feels super clean. It does not over-dry, but does seem to remove face oil far better than the bars; assuming you do not exfoliate with the bars.

I hope this review helps you. Overall I am well pleased with this product and look forward to the next box from this company.

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By on11 March 2016 (Soap Subscription Box – DELUXE THREE (3) FULL SIZE Items Delivered Monthly) :

Best Baby Shower Gift Ever!

I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and my awesome cousin gifted to me a subscription box from Castile Soap. She was hoping it would help combat my recent flare up of pregnancy acne and stretch marks. I have been using the green tea soap bar in the box and even though it has only been a week, my soap bar is super thin from me and my husband using it. I love how soft my skin feels and my stretch marks no longer are itchy. It is a good thing this box come with 3 soaps because we are already fighting for the last scrub!

The package is cute and I love how each soap is individually wrapped to prevent damage and maintain freshness. You get what you see on the website and there are very clear instructions in the box and website.

I no longer worry about what soap to buy!

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By (Ely, United States) on29 Feb. 2016 (Soap Subscription Box – DELUXE THREE (3) FULL SIZE Items Delivered Monthly) :

Got it on sale

I got this one on sale (saved 8% or something) at the time. Free shipping is always appreciated as it makes a subscription box less complicated.

I once had a subscription box that would charge different shipping cost each time (as the items, weight, and package, would differ every time). It was a nightmare because I was never sure what I was going to be charged.

I like that keeps the rate the same. This is easy to handle as I know how much I will be charged every time.

The box itself is very nice and the quality of the soap is outstanding. Great job.

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By (Nashville, United States) on25 Feb. 2016 (Soap Subscription Box – DELUXE THREE (3) FULL SIZE Items Delivered Monthly) :

This is a really neat subscription box

The Deluxe box is a really neat subscription box that is shipped monthly and includes 3 top items or a special item. If you get the special item it will usually be a much larger soap piece.

I have received this box for two months now and am very happy with both the variety as well as the value of the box. The first month, I received a Calendula, Aloevera, and lavender. The second month, I received a 500 ML liquid castile soap that does not currently seem to be in stock on this site. It's really cool that some of the items received are not even posted (as of the time of this review) which brings exclusivity and surprise to the deluxe subscription box. I have been a fan of castile soaps for a long time and I can't wait for the next deluxe package.


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By (Lehi, United States) on06 Feb. 2016 (Soap Subscription Box – DELUXE THREE (3) FULL SIZE Items Delivered Monthly) :

Good castile soap deluxe box

I order this for my wife and it arrives the 6th of each month since I ordered it for the beginning of the month. The wife likes it and that's what is important. The soap is nice.

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