Q: Are you organic?

A: CastileSoap.com uses 100% natural and organic ingredients. Our exclusive formula always includes organic Olive Oil as well as other hand-selected ingredients such as organic Hemp Oil, organic Coconut Oil, and natural extracts from specific plants such as Aloe-Vera, Lavender, and many others. 

Q: Who is CastileSoap.com?

A: CastileSoap.com is an organic and eco-friendly solution containing ZERO animal components or harsh ingredients which result in damage instead of healing. Our soap is gentle on you and our environment as it is free of artificial foaming agents, harsh cleansers, and deconstructed fatty acids. Our Castile Soap is biodegradable and perfect for personal use, children and pets.


Q: Can I use your Castile Soap on my face and body?

A: Yes. Castile Soap is a premium collection of organic soaps designed for complete care. Our ingredients will work the same used anywhere on the body. We recommend bathing with them as well as using them before and after the application of makeup. Our biodegradable Castile Soap is also perfect for household uses. Learn more...


Q: Can the soaps be used on babies?

A: Absolutely, our Castile Soap is 100% natural and super soft on the skin. We recommend using our “Calendula Castile Soap Bar”  or liquid Castile Soap for babies and smaller infants.


Q: What do the Detox Soaps do?

A: This collection includes natural extracts designed to exfoliate your skin, remove Free Radicals and nurture healthy cell regeneration to brighten your skin.

Shipments & Returns FAQ

Q: Can I return an item?

A: With our “feel secure” Return Policy, unused items may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Our Castile Soap collection is hand-crafted and processed through an ISO 9001:2008 process ensuring the highest quality. If by the off chance that a received item is damaged in shipping, you may exchange it for free, even if used, within 30 days of purchase. Unfortunately, we do not accept returned items won in prizes or given to you for free.

Q: How long does delivery take?

A: We provide several shipping solution allowing your package to arrive quickly and safely. Our standard shipping take between 3-4 business days. We also offer free shipping (conditions may apply) and various other shipping methods such as overnight delivery.

Q: How long before you ship?

A: We process orders daily and ship within 24 business hours. 

Subscription boxes

Q: How does the Subscription Box service work?

A: Who doesn’t want a new eco-friendly Castile Soap delivered monthly - with no hassle or replenishment cost? Our Subscription Boxes may be managed by logging to your account and can be canceled at any time.

We offer deep discounts allowing you to get more! Subscribe to this service for your convenience; your card will be charged monthly and you will receive hand-selected Castile Soap items automatically. This hassle-free, transparent service, requires no contract and no cancellation fees.

Q: If I am currently subscribed to another Castile Soap Subscription Box, can I still sign up for this one?

A: Absolutely! You may subscribe to as many Castile Soap Subscription Boxes as you wish. Simply, login to your account, and select “My Subscriptions” on the bottom left-hand side, to manage all of your subscription boxes.

Q: I know this may be a silly question, but what if I don’t like my Subscription Box? How do I cancel?

A: Castile Soap Subscription Box members can cancel their subscription at any time with the click of a button. Simply login to your account, select “My Subscriptions”, then click on “Cancel Subscription” next to the applicable subscription.

A: If you are unable to access your account (or never created one), simply Contact Us and we will cancel the subscription for you within 24-48 business hours.

Q: Good news: I’m going on vacation! However, I need to pause the subscription service!

A: Castile Soap Subscription Box members can pause their subscription(s) at any time. Simply let us know, and we will be more than happy to help. 

Q: Will I be re-billed?

A: Castile Soap offers a recurring subscription system. Monthly subscribers are re-billed (using the same payment method as before) every month on the same day. You can visit your account panel to view billing history and details.


Did not find the question you were looking for? We would love to talk! Please Contact Us and let us know.


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