Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Calendula: Face & Body

Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Calendula: Face & Body

There’s something special about the perfect soap! Smooth, soft, ideal for babies and anyone else, our Calendula Castile Soap is recommended to help detox and brighten your skin. 

ingredients: Organic Calendula Extracts, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Sodium Hydrate, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Glycerine, Deionized Water and 100% LOVE! 

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Smooth and ultra-soft to the skin, Calendula Castile Soap is ideal for babies and anyone else. The soap’s power comes from its natural carotenoids, an organic pigment found in plants that act similar to Vitamin A and enriches Calendula with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor agent properties. Calendula Castile Soap Bar is recommended for daily face and body use. Imaging ramping up for your day or winding down at night with a Calendula Castile Soap bar. It is perfect for a luxurious natural lather; leaving you rejuvenate and bringing your skin a new breathe of life.

calendula's natural power

  • Detoxifies skin by eliminates impurities and free-radicals while gently cleansing and hydrating skin cells.
  • Powerful medicinal properties treats a wide range of conditions ranging from acne to dermatitis.
  • Calendula helps destory Propionibacterium, an acne causing bacteria. 
  • With consistent use, helps clear acne from your skin by reducing inflammation of the skin, eliminating excess bacteria, un-clogging pores, smoothing and evening the skin's texture.
  • Helps treat Dermatitis (caused by several illnesses, some chronic and others acute) and Eczema by reduction inflammation, hydrating skin cells, and increasing the immunity of your skin.
  • Helps combat difficult skin by providing relief to skin suffering from over-dryness, radiations and Chemotherapy (treatment options for those with cancer, which may cause sensitive skin leading to Dermatitis).

Castile Soap

think green

Castile Soap Bar is an organic and natural bar. It is a vegan product, containing zero animal components or harsh ingredient that result in damage instead of healing. The soap is gentle on you and the environment as it is free of artificial foaming agents, harsh cleansers, and deconstructed fatty acids (oleochemicals). Castile Soap Bar is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for personal use, children and pets. Bathing, shampooing, washing hands or face with Calendula Castile Soap will not harm our environment. 

how to use

Use this hand-crafted lavender castile soap to wash your face and body, and shampoo hair. The following instructions are ideal for an exfoliating facial wash:

  1. Pull hair back, this will prevent fly away hairs and extra bacteria entering the facial area.
  2. Wash hands vigorously for at least 15 seconds with warm water lathered in soap to remove possible bacteria; be sure to wash beneath fingernails.
  3. Splash warm water over facial area to open up closed pores, this will ensure a deep and effective wash. If possible, hot steam will also open up the pores.
  4. With clean hands, gently grab the Castile Soap Bar, create lather by wetting the bar under the faucet with warm water and rubbing it in-between the hands. Spread the lather around the face in a clockwise direction using circular motions.
  5. Leave soap on the face for up to a minute allowing impurities to be taken out and moisture put back in. This will not over dry the skin of the facial area.
  6. Using a wash cloth or the hands, rinse off soap with warm water; be careful to wash around the hairline and nose, an area where dirt is common.
  7. Splash cold water across the face, this allows the pores to close, resulting in radiant, smooth and moisturized skin.

results & benefits

The look, texture and feel of astounding results with regular and continuous use. From chapped, cracked and dry skin to velvet smooth skin that feels new and fresh. Scars will diminish, acne and other impurities will disappear revealing a youthful and luminous glow that comes from within.

By (Tampa, United States) on26 March 2016 (Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Calendula: Face & Body) :

Really Soft and gentle

This caledula soap is really soft and gentle. It has a slight scent and feels good to use.

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By on30 Dec. 2015 (Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Calendula: Face & Body) :

Received this soap from the Soap Subscription Box

I have signed up for the Deluxe castile soap subscription box and received this soap (along with two others) from my first box.

The box arrived quickly so I was able to try out this product. The calendula soap feels very clean, natural, and organic.

It leaves (hope I'm using the right word here) a subtle, but comforting smell after use. The calendula castile soap has grown on me very well and has become one of my favorites. I cannot wait to try the others! yay!

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By on29 Dec. 2015 (Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Calendula: Face & Body) :

Perfect for tanned skin!

I am a sun worshipper but sadly live in New York and do not get much of a tan naturally. I have been visiting tanning salons for a couple of years and noticed my skin gets very dry after I shower. A friend mentioned to me to try castile soap, so i signed up for the discovery box. After one use I could tell the difference in my skin. The fake tan tolerated it very well and I just feel very soft and smooth.

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By (Tampa, United States) on25 Dec. 2015 (Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Calendula: Face & Body) :

Perfect for after makeup removal care

As a makeup artist, i find it difficult to find a natural cleanser that will bring moisture and brightness back into the skin no matter how many hours the makeup has been on. The silky smooth finish and oil remover qualities of this castile soap bar is simply amazing.

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By on24 Dec. 2015 (Castile Soap Bar 3.5oz w/ Organic Calendula: Face & Body) :

Love the Calendula Extracts on the Castile Soap Bar

I love soaps that have natural extracts - not microbeads. At first, I was a bit reluctant to order as I was unsure of how the calendula extracts would feel. They are actually pretty soft and feel even softer if the soap is wet.

The extracts are very nice for exfoliation and last a good while. I have used this soap a few times a week and I have had it for about 4 weeks now.

The product is long-lasting if used moderately. I think the extracts not only make it look great - but also produce the natural exfoliation that feels great. This will give you a deeper clean compared to just a clear soap bar.


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